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How To Keep a Man Interested After the First Date

Tips and Techniques to keep a man interested after the first date.

There is a considerable number of women that do not understand why men seem to lose interest after the first date. They try to remember every minute of the date to find if they had said something he would not like. However, most of the time they cannot find anything.

There is a famous saying: “There is not a second opportunity to give a superb first impression”. This saying can be true in many areas, and dating is one of them. If the man does not receive a positive first impression in the first date, probably the second date will never happen.

One of the things that can make a powerful first impression is to keep the conversation exciting and become a memorable one.

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If the conversation turns to be boring, the chances to keep him interested are extremely low, if any.

Imagine the following conversation:

She: Were you born in this area?
He: Yes
She: You are a laywer. How long have you been doing that?
He: 4 years.
She: Do you like what you do?
He: Most of the time, yes.
She: Do you have sisters or brothers?
He: Two sisters.

A conversation like this may be adequate for a job interview but not for a first date !

Instead of these questions, open ended ones are more effective because they allow to dive deeper into the conversation. Instead of asking how long has he been a lawyer, a better question would be: What do you like most about being a lawyer ? This allows the man not to answer with only one word.

The key is to make the conversation memorable. An interview-style conversation is not something a man will enjoy remembering and probably he will not be particularly interested in a second date.

In addition, they feel that the woman wants to know more about himself and not about the things he has.

With open ended questions he will be able to express his feelings and this possibility will make him perceive her as a person with whom he could start a relationship. The first step would be to call her for a second date.

On the other hand, if the conversation is boring and the man feels like being in a job interview, even if the women is pretty , he will feel that something is not working well and he will not be extremely interested on a new opportunity.

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